Peak Visuals has full approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to offer drone imaging services throughout the UK. The PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) held by our pilots allows us to operate both day and night flights for clients while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Based in Somerset, we predominantly cover the South West region of England but are available to travel across the UK to satisfy clients' needs. Our drone services range from photography and videography to surveys and 3D mapping. The equipment we use allows us to deliver high-quality imaging from the air, as well as professional end-results thanks to our post-processing capabilities, regardless of whether it is footage for a wedding, photographs for an estate agent or 3D site model for a construction company.

Aerial imaging can have a massive impact on your customers and can often be the difference between an average project and an outstanding project. The trouble has been finding an affordable solution that doesn't break the bank...who can afford to hire a helicopter for an hour? With a drone the possibilities are endless, not to mention cheaper. We can get seriously close to the action, in to some pretty tight spaces and can even get underneath structures such as bridges, all for a fraction of the cost. Got a project coming that we can help with? Get in touch to find out how we can support you.









  • 21MP photographs 

  • Panoramic and 360° capabilities

  • Suitable for both commercial and personal projects

  • Professionally edited using Adobe software

  • Day and night flights available

  • Pre-flight consultation included

  • Fully insured with Flock Cover

  • From just £89!


  • We can provide high-quality photographs and footage to be used for roof and structural surveys

  • Our drones have the unique ability to 'look up' with a 180° vertical orientation - ideal for bridge surveys.

  • Easily check for damage in hard to reach places

  • Pre-flight consultation included

  • Fully insured with Flock Cover

  • From just £99!


  • 4K video up to 30fps

  • Gimbal stabilisation for super-steady footage

  • Log footage for professional colour grading

  • Professionally edited using Adobe software

  • Licensed music available as an extra

  • Pre-flight consultation included

  • Fully insured with Flock Cover

  • From just £199!


  • Get a 3D generated model of your site

  • Compatible with Autodesk software

  • A unique and essential property sales tool

  • Easily track the progress of your construction project

  • Immediate access to high or hidden parts of a building 

  • Pre-flight consultation included

  • Fully insured with Flock Cover

  • Get in touch to find out when this service goes live!

All services come with a free pre-flight consultation which allows us to ensure we fully understand your requirements prior to commencing the flight operation. This also gives us an opportunity to highlight to the client any limitations that might be present on the day (be that through law, weather or the capability of the drone).

Got a requirement that isn't listed? Please get in touch as we will be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

All flight operations are fully insured by Flock Cover (underwritten by Allianz) with public liability cover up to £1,000,000 as standard.



Check out the short video below to see what we've been filming over the last year. Locations include Old Harry Rocks, Glastonbury Tor, Meldon Reservoir and even the town of Selfoss in Iceland! Want to use some of our footage for your own project? Let us know using the contact details below and we'll get back to you ASAP.



Got a project that requires a drone? Let us know!



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